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The Power of a Like Button

We have all seen it a few times when scrolling through content on certain websites. Yes, there are usually share buttons, or Facebook like buttons, or even other ratings systems put in place. This is all meant to help you interact with the post or page after you have read the content.

When you click on the WordPress like button located within a post, you are letting the author know that you enjoyed the content. This also acts as a driver for other readers, as they see the social interaction and all the likes. This will prompt them to read the content more often because they see so many people have clicked on the like button within the post.

Also, when handled correctly, this can work as a fantastic way to increase social media shares of all your content. Inserting a like button within your WordPress post next to the social media sharing buttons can help increase shares. Or, you can choose to display the like button in WordPress in a different area of the page.

Either way, having a like button on your posts is both visually appealing, and will help your content by giving it a boost with your readers.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this. Yes, you can always build your own like b

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